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10.09.2014 Russian sanctions

export food Russia

Will a ban on import of food products from the EU, USA and Canada help the Russian producers?

According to many participants in the food market prohibition not only doesn’t help the Russian manufacturers, but also can complicate the situation for them. First of all it touches foreign enterprises engaged in processing of primary materials, such as fish. Rosselkhoznadzor for the last 2 years have frequent complaints against Norwegian salmon. In opinion of fish market experts this decision was made too quickly and thoughtlessly. Now most of the fish-processing plants in the European part of Russia stopped, left without the resources. In this case, canned fish have not been put under the ban, respectively, instead of canned foods on the shelves of Russian stores will import. While canned fish do not fall under the ban, relatively, instead of the Russian canned goods on the shelves in the shops will be imported goods.

It is worthy of note that there is no Russian alternatives to Norwegian salmon. Norway rearing salmon in the ice-free natural water reservoirs. In Russia it is impossible to artificially arrange such storages of water to grow the same amount of fish. In addition to the fish carcasses, tiny fishes also got into the embargo of products.

The list of products for retaliatory Russian sanctions was made too quickly and need to be further developed. Tiny fishes most likely will be excluded from the list, but canned will be introduced.

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