03.12.2013 How much alcohol, petrol and cigarettes can be brought in Estonia from Russia?

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How much alcohol, petrol and cigarettes can be brought in Estonia from Russia?

From the beginning of this winter Estonia changed the norm of import of excisable products from Russia.

Russia is the unique country that is not in EU with witch Estonia has a border. As the norm of import was changed only for countries that are not in EU so these changing will apply only to border crossing between Russia and Estonia.

The reduction of the norm applies to alcohol, petrol and cigarettes. The list of excisable products did not changed.

From the 1st of December tourists from Russia can bring in Estonia alcohol and petrol without the payment of excise only once a month, cigarettes two times a month. The petrol tank of a car is to be standard. The quantity of petrol above the volume of standard petrol tank is to be imported with the payment of excise.

The reporting period is considered the calendar month from the first till the 30(31) of the month. In a case of second border crossing during one calendar month the payment of excise is to be paid regardless of the fact if excisable products were imported in Estonia before or not. The reduction of the norm does not apply to entering in Estonia by vessel or by air.

The main goal of these changings is the reduction of illegal export of excisable products and lines when passing the customs inspection.

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