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About us. Who we are and how we can help your business


We provide business support to starting, running and growing  your business with complex and full-fledged business solutions in two main areas:
  • business support of international companies entering Russia (consultations and assistance in start-up and running business in Russia);

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  • export/ import services provided to the Russian and foreign companies.    

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Business support implies collecting market information, making marketing research specifically for your company in order to reveal promising areas of activity. We will provide you the information support in choosing the customers or distributors in Russia and organize negotiation with selected buyers.
Export/ import services include calculation of all the costs of delivery, international logistics coordination, product certification and customs clearance in Russia. After the customs clearance we organize the shipment of your goods to any Russian region required.
We assist in registration of foreign companies’ business in Saint-Petersburg and region, consultations on the best form of ownership and accounting, as well as verification of the possible Russian partners and other necessary services to start your business in Russia.
In addition to exports / imports of the goods on behalf of your company, we may also serve you as an export / import company taking all the liabilities for the delivery.
We offer Additional services, such as consultations on the Russian legislation and written translations, to boost your business in Russia.
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Our principles
The main principles of our company are professionalism, integrated approach and close interaction with the client at all the stages of cooperation. Our new projects should be better fulfilled than the previous. We always use our experience to improve the quality of our services, and we apply the new knowledge and skills to avoid the mistakes in completing the projects in the future.

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